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Swing / Jazz Pianist / Trio & Quartet

He keeps the mood fun and up-beat. With a passion for The Great American Songbook and early jazz, Freddy takes his listeners back in time with his unique stride-swing style and velvety vocals. Inspired by Fats Waller, Art Tatum, and Teddy Willson, Freddy’s playing will make you tap your toes and want to dance. If you want your event or party to be fun, yet sophisticated… you’ll want Freddy at the piano. Really make your event special by having Freddy’s 2&4 Swing Trio or Quartet!

music director

He brings out the best in singers, instrumentalists, and the music they perform. He guides ensembles and soloists to perform with accuracy, passion, style, and integrity to the music. Freddy comes to rehearsals with preparedness, kindness, and respect. He keeps a mindful watch on productivity in a timely manner. He’s a team player. The final result is a product of quality, pride, and superb artistry. 


Freddy sets the bar. He becomes one with the soloist or ensemble, following their every breath and nuance. He allows his counterpart to shine while at all times, supporting with confidence and musicality. At the piano, he acts as an entire orchestra, and customizes his arrangements perfectly. He finds great joy in working together with others to create music and achieve pure artistry. As an audition accompanist, Freddy can sight-read music of various styles and genres. He has the ability to help the person auditioning feel more relaxed and confident. He provides the support and musicality needed to make the audition a positive experience.

piano teacher

Freddy provides instruction, guidance, and encouragement. He customizes his pupil’s curriculum to achieve their specific goals. He makes learning fun. Whether you want to learn classical technique and repertoire, or learn to play pop music or standards….Freddy will make the learning process fun and rewarding. He provides the student with the tools necessary to be a better player, and expects the student to do their part. Practice makes perfect!

vocal coach

Freddy will help you achieve your goals for a successful event. If you’re a singer needing to prepare for an audition or performance, Freddy is the ultimate coach. He will help you chose appropriate songs and keys that suit your voice and range. He’ll rehearse you and provide technical and musical suggestions that make you sound your very best. Freddy will help you feel confident and prepared for a great audition or performance.